Commercial STP & ETP Plant Manufacturer In Nepal Biological Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Nepal

We are offer the commercial STP & ETP plant in Nepal with complete natural and less energy consumption STP plant based on Biological treatment using the different-different techniques like MBBR/FAB, SAFF & SBR. Biological treatment is the process of utilizing naturally occurring living organisms to degrade, stabilize and destroy organic contaminants. These microorganisms use the waste as their source of energy and carbon.

STP Manufacturer’s in Nepal
A rising insufficiency of fresh water and environmental concerns encourages wastewater reuse; more and more buildings are installing water and sewage treatment plants for their obligations. The green building movement also puts an aid on water conservation and recycling, along with energy savings. At Trity Enviro Solutions, we follow these trends and work intimately with our customers to satisfy their current and future requirements. Trity Enviro Solutions is the best water and wastewater treatment systems solution provider of in Nepal having three key strengths: Advanced Technical Strength, Strong Project Management Skills and Modern Design Capability at convenient costs. With Trity Enviro Solutions engineering expertise, thorough design and construction inclinations, we carry the aptitude to Design, Construct, Install & commission plants of nearly all capacities & technologies. It fits total water & wastewater treatment solutions to industrial areas.
We do Operation & Process Maintenance of Effluent Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants & Wastewater Treatment Plants.

  • Maintains the progress of a wastewater treatment plant
  • Manages junior staff in day-to-day activities.
  • Operation & maintenance of Evaporator(boiler), Water Treatment Plant: ETP AND MEE & ATFD
  • Supervises sampling and measurement systems.
  • Guarantee local laws and environmental guidelines.
  • Assure acquiescence with managerial procedures and reporting practices.
  • Works for 365 Days.
  • Preventive & Breakdown support of the plant.
  • Servicing & Overhauling of processing units.
  • Study of wastewater in in-house customer lab.

But what's the best thing about the Trity Enviro Solutions is that anybody can fix it, all you need is some background in handling a JCB and an electrician on site. So in summing-up, if you are looking for a sewage treatment plant that will be cost-effective, simple to install and control and transfers all current regulations, the Trity Enviro Solutions is the unit for you!

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Process:

  • The sewage will be collected in the collection tank.
  • From there it will be pumped to the Aeration Tank of the activated sludge process where a biological culture ill be developed in FMR.
  • Dissolved air will provided with the help of a rotary type air blower.
  • Nutrients and seeding will be done here manually from time to time.
  • Supernatant from the FMR tank will go to the tube settler tank where biological sludge will be settled.
  • Sludge will be collected in the bottom of the settling tank and accumulate in the sludge pit inside tube settler. From the sludge pit some portion of the sludge will be pumped and reintroduced to the FMR tank inlet from the sludge pit for maintaining proper MLSS of 3000 in the aeration tank.
  • The excess sludge will be pumped to the sludge drying beds. From SDB, the dry sludge will be disposed of by way of land filling.
  • Treated water from the top of the tube settler will be collected in a Chlorine contact tank and then will be pumped through a pressure sand filter & Activated carbon filter before being released to drain for final disposal.
  • The final output physically at par with pollution board norms.