Comparison between different biological techniques

Parameters MBBR SAFF SBR
Process Attached growth, Dynamic water phase fixed film Attached growth, static fixed film Suspended growth, batch treatment
Distinct Advantage No sludge recycling and monitoring of MLSS required. More compact than the conventional STP’s The process is time controlled and flexible.
Effluent Quality BOD<10 mg/L
SS <20 mg/L
BOD<10 mg/L
SS <20mg/L
BOD<5 mg/L
TSS<10 mg/L
Automated Process No No Yes
Capital cost (million /MLD capacity) 3-5 7 More than 4
Land requirement (hectares/MLD installed capacity) 0.06 0.05 0.1 to 0.15
O&M cost (million/year/ MLD installed capacity) 0.5-0.75 1.14 more than 0.5
Energy requirement (KWh/ML treated) 390 99-170 150 to 200